Naperville, IL Dentist and Periodontist

I would recommend Center for Dentistry to any one looking for a dentist in Naperville. The staff is friendly and caring. – Brad Murray

Dr. Henley is an awesome dentist. I am only in the Naperville area for 3 months for an internship. I went in for a cleaning and got an appointment within a week. From there, I needed fillings, and those were completed within 2 weeks of my initial appointment. These fillings were also at a MUCH lower cost than any other dentist I’ve seen. One filling was very close to the nerve, and I ended up needing a root canal. I woke up on a SUNDAY morning with severe pain in my jaw and face, and when I called the office (again on a Sunday), someone answered my call and connected me to Dr. Henley. He performed an emergency root canal that day (again, much cheaper than the office my parents go to). Two days later, I was still experiencing the same pain, so I went back into his office (he saw me within an hour of my call). I thought I needed a root canal in another tooth, but after examining it and taking x-rays, Dr. Henley said he would not feel comfortable performing the procedure since there wasn’t solid evidence that I needed it. Most dentists would have just done it and taken my money! After 2 weeks the pain subsided so it was a good thing I didn’t have that unnecessary procedure done! I would recommend this office to anyone! – Megan S.